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MORE: Munich High End Show 2017 highlights. Let's start with KEF, which launched a new and improved Q series of speakers. MORE: New KEF Q Series speakers aim to be better than ever. Also on demo were the mark-two versions of the flagship KEF Muon speakers (yours for just £140,000) which feature the latest Uni-Q driver MORE: Munich High End Show 2017 in pictures. High End 2017 news. An entirely new speaker brand - Fyne Audio - launches at Munich High End Show 2017. Focal launches Scala and Maestro Utopia III Evo speakers. Finkteam finally delivers its WM4 floorstanders. Burmester celebrates its 40th with its first turntable Approximately 500 exhibitors showcased their products during HIGH END's Munich 2017 event in Germany.As one of high-end audio's most important European events, exhibitor space at Munich's large M.O.C. was completely sold out. Held from May 18th through 21st, HIGH END 2017 was Europe's most prominent and largest audio show of the year Munich High End remains the greatest audio show on earth, and if you have the means you owe it to yourself to one day attend, if only to see the plethora of stuff you won't see anywhere else and to enjoy the spargel, schnitzel, weissbier, and music that this beautiful German city is famous for. Just don't come expecting a sonic paradise.

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  1. High End 2017 Munich - Sounds of Munich (video) Evaluating the performance of a loudspeaker or hifi system under show conditions is a tricky enterprise, to say the least. At the MOC the room acoustics are poor (no wonder DSP tuned systems do better at shows), you don't know all the components and you don't even select the music or the level it's played at by the demonstrator
  2. There are many more who get mentions in our main coverage and we really thought that the High End Show had turned it up to 11 this year. Speaking of which, that is one of the reasons our winner wonthey just topped expectations and we were not the only ones to think so, the winner of our Hifi Pig Loves You Award at High End Munich 2017 is
  3. High End Munich is as much about the people as it is about the gear and we have been lucky enough to meet some great people at all the shows we've been to. Over the next few pages you'll get to see some of the wonderful people we met at Munich 2017 and a bit of a look behind the scenes when it's all over
  4. Munich High End 2017 - show report on TNT-Audio, Internet HiFi magazine, www.tnt-audio.co
  5. The HIGH END, the internationally renowned audio exhibition, On the four days of the event in May, the entire world of audio experts and professionals gather in Munich to visit hundreds of exhibitors from more than 40 different countries as they showcase their latest innovations in the halls and atriums of the MOC event centre
  6. First Set Up day at the High End 2017 in Munich. Amplifiers and speakers hooked up and we have first soun
  7. Munich High End 2017. Posted By: Kedar 22nd May 2017. I was here only for two days, Saturday and Sunday. As always, caveats that show reports can be misleading as they refer to only how well the room is set up and nothing to do with the gear. Positive notes are a good indication to explore further

High End Munich 2017 is presenting itself under a new theme: Let The Music Play. The team from High End Society, who run the annual High End Munich Hifi show got in touch to tell us about their new theme for 2017 Munich High End 2017. Bavarian Spring. My flight landed at Flughafen München in Munich, the Bavarian capital and third most populous city in Germany, exactly on time, mid-morning Wednesday, May 17 th.After stretching, collecting my bag, changing some currency from US dollars to Euro's, and using a vending machine to buy a Day Travel Pass for Munich's extensive public transportation system, I. Munich High End 2017 - Burning You In Sonny Trigg As a competitive swimmer my first trip into audio was copying my hero Michael Phelps and getting a pair of Beats. With the help of Josh and a desire for more, I soon found that audio reproduction can be MUCH better. Look where we are now. For. This cozy photo of the beer garden concludes my report of the Munich High End 2017 audio show. The photo is a little fuzzy, but then again at this time, so were we. Related Posts. Audio Show Alkmaar 2020 - The end of an era . HifiLive show report Valencia 2019 - part The 2017 Munich High-End Show Robert Harley on Digital and Analog Sources. Show report. by Robert Harley | May 31st, 2017. Categories: Disc players, Multi-format disc players, Digital-to-analog converters, Music servers and.

Munich High End is more than just high-end audio. Granted the high-end brands still hold dominion over the demonstration rooms surrounding that fourth atrium, and many of the atrium regulars (such as Audio Research, Avantgarde, Burmester, D'Agostino, Gryphon, and Meridian) are firmly embedded in audio's upper echelon Munich High End 2017 The High End Munich show took place once again at the M.O.C. with manufacturers from all around the world presenting the latest and greatest. Audeze showcased the upcoming LCDi4. A true wonder in engineering delivering out-of-this-earth performance. The rest of the product line was also there available for auditio

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Munich High End Show 2017 Part 1 Please note that there is limited time for listening at this show, so these are first impressions only . For systems I enjoyed I went back for repeat visits where possible to get a wider appreciation of their capabilities Munich High End 2017 - Amplifiers. Blog. by Alan Sircom | May 26, 2017. Categories: Solid-state power amplifiers, Tubed power amplifiers, Solid-state preamplifiers, Tubed preamplifiers, Integrated amplifiers. The usual parade of vast.

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Munich HighEnd 2017 19th May - 21st May 2017 Every year, Munich holds one of the biggest audio related trade-shows in the world. The Munich High End. The show is always fun, with Bavarian coziness and (almost) always amazing weather to boot. Here are some of my personal impressions. The big balloon in front o This is Mytek Brooklyn Amp @ Munich High-End 2017 | DAR__KO by John H. Darko on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them Munich HIGH END, Germany, 2017. May 8, 2017. General News - Geometry Series. With just over a week to the start of the world's premier high end audio exhibition, the Munich HIGH END, we are delighted to announce full details of the Global Premiere of the new Resolution floorstanding loudspeaker in partnership with German importer IBEX AUDIO Munich High End 2017 Zgodnie z przedstawionymi przez organizatorów oficjalnymi statystykami tegoroczny monachijski High End nie tylko zakończył się, jak już zdążyliśmy się przyzwyczaić, spektakularnym sukcesem, ale i również był dowodem na to, że w tych zwariowanych i niestety niezbyt bezpiecznych czasach miłośników najwyższej klasy brzmienia nic nie jest w stanie odstraszyć. High End 2017: Munich mayhem on opening day. Posted on May 19, 2017 by Rafe Arnott in Munich 2017 // 3 Comments. Thales TTT-Slim II with Simplicity tonearm and EMT cartridge. As much as I'd heard about the High End Show in Munich none of it really prepared me for the level of polish, and professionalism that the event exudes

High end Munich 2017. Thread starter flyer; Start date Jan 29, 2017; Home. Forums. Audio, Video and Technology Show Forum. Munich High End Show It seems almost as if some people think that the 'established' High-End needs to be treated as a Sacred Cow, and woe to you if you don't Posted May 21, 2017 Many thanks Chris and Nikhil for the photos - the SHOW is certainly on my bucket list for the near future, but along way for Aus. Sorry for the OT but the photos of the Porches, and references to their upgraded stereos, made me feel the need to report that the standard audio systems in both the Porsche and BMW are abysmal

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This is a long video! Many new 'tables were introduced at High End Munich including The all in one The + Record Player, the result of an international design team, that features a Pro-Ject supplied 'table atop a built in sound system carefully isolated from the 'table, the idler wheel drive Blackstone from Italy shown in static display at previous shows, a new compact Thales TTT turntable with. Munich High End 2017 19th May - 21st May 2017 Every year, my hometown of Munich holds one of the biggest audio related trade-shows in the world. The Munich High End. The show is always fun, with Bavarian coziness and almost always amazing weather to boot. Many exhibitors from all around the world join for everything audio-related We're off to Munich again! We have confirmed our exhibition at the High End Society's HIGH END 2017 in May. We will have more details nearer the time, but we All of my search term words; Any of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles onl The show took place from May, 18th through May, 21st, 2017 at the M.O.C. facilities, in Munich, Germany Originally written: May, 2017 Website with plenty of resources: High End Society. Foreword. This year, too, I went to Munich, and I was lucky to find a pleasant weather, despite the bad forecasts

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HighEnd 2017 Munich / LAAS 2017. Newport Beach Juni 2016 August 7, 2016. Themenabend Raumakustik März 27, 2018. Covering München Auch in 2017 waren die großen Messen dieser Welt absolute Muss-Termine. Stei nMusic hat auf der High End in München jede Menge Neuigkeiten präsentiert,. Using modern DSP techniques a 12 pole motor can be cog free and have uniform torque ripple. If you use the computer power of DSP and knowledge you can create an uniform drive. Anyway IMHO these arguments are meaningless in terms of sound quality. Analog fans consider that reel to reel is the.. High times at the Munich High-End Show 2017. Posted on 23rd May 2017 in Category: Events. We did it - and we hope you'll agree we did it in style! 2017 was Kudos Audio's first time as a full exhibitor at Europe's leading hi-fi event, the Munich High-End Show. And what a show it was, with the launch of Kudos' brand new 'Titan family' This is Roon Nucleus @ Munich High-End 2017 | DAR__KO by John H. Darko on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them

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High End 2017: The Munich Experience, and Rafe's best of the Show. Posted on July 8, 2017 by Rafe Arnott in Munich 2017 // 5 Comments. So long, and thanks for all the memories. I could see his lips moving but I couldn't hear a word the guy next to me was saying HIGH END MUNICH 2017 - KR Audio At High End Munich 2017 HIGH END MUNICH 2017 - High End Society And Volya Join Forces To Raise Money To Help Visually Handicapped Children You must be logged in to leave a reply

High End Munich 2017. May 3, 2017. With two atrium rooms this year we know it will be a great experience exhibiting at High End Munich again. In room F217 we're teaming up with TriangleArt and Egglestonworks. In Atrium 4.2 room E215 we'll serve some great sound with these guys SOtM's Munich baby bump would pop out seemingly identical triplets called the sMS-200ultra, tX-USBultra and sPS-500.In sequence, these are a mini server, a USB reclocker slash rebalancer and a linear power supply, presumably for both the former. Stenheim, the Swiss aluminator brand, would bring their new Reference Ultimate Passive tower to add a lower-cost version of their active flagship Gryphon at Munich High End 2017 Originally Posted by Gryphon Audio. Gryphons demo´s in Munich are never reserved for pre-registered dealers or press, but its a Gryphon policy to make demos limited to a number of people, that allow for the best possible sound experience in the room

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Munich High End 2017. ON OFF. Munich High End 2017. Por Redacción En 17 julio, 2017 No hay comentarios. Tweet. Pin It. Let the music play! La gran cita anual con lo último y lo mejor en sonido abrió y cerró sus puertas sin novedad. Y no defraudó Flashbacks from Munich High-End 2017: Reed in Zellaton room and our own booth, featuring Reed5T, ReedMuse1C and Reed2G FOCAL AT MUNICH HIGH-END SHOW 2017. Home > The Blog > FOCAL AT MUNICH HIGH-END SHOW 2017. Focal and its British partner Naim Audio will together exhibit a large selection of products to satisfy the thousands of audio visual fans who visit the MOC Munich. Our high-fidelity headphones collection,. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det HIGH END SOCIETY. HIGH END Society. Startseite. Navigation überspringen. HIGH END; FAS Zurich; WORLD OF HIFI; Unternehmen; Team . THE LEADING INTERNATIONAL AUDIO SHOW. 13. BIS 16. MAI 2021 IM MOC MÜNCHEN. Info Aussteller-Login. Die Internationale OEM-Messe. 13. UND 14. MAI 2021 IM MOC MÜNCHEN

Munich High End 2019: le sorprese iniziano qui La 38a fiera HIGH END di Monaco ha visto protagonisti 551 espositori da 42 Paesi, accogliendo più di ventimila visitatori da tutto il mondo. Ancora una volta gli spazi del MOC hanno ospitato le novità e i trend dell'industria audio, dall'analogico al digitale Agoda Eksklusive Tilbud i Munich Opp til 80 % rabatt - Bestill nå The 13 th annual Munich High End Show kicked off on the 18 th May and has cemented its position as the most important event in Europe and in terms of audio, very possibly the most important in the world HIGH END 2017 - Show Report., AVMENTOR.net - Read Interesting Stories and Reviews about Audio, Hi-Fi, 2-channel, stereo, and multichannel technologie Munich High End Show 2017. Secrets June 2, 2017 Press. Home. Press. Up Next HIFIMAN Introduces Dynamic Duo of Reference IEMs: RE2000, RE800. Paradigm highlighted its Canadian roots at High End Munich 2017, with a pair of red Persona 7Fs

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Munich High End 2017. Posted by Jason on May 25, 2017 at 16:30; View Blog; Munich in the spring is always a pleasant place to be, albeit not so much so in the upper reaches of the MOC exhibition centre that houses the High End show munich high end audio show 2017 report part one Here is the first photo report from the Munich High End Audio Show. Our official Mono and Stereo photograph Laszlo Szabo really took time to shoot the photos with a proper light and tried to keep the same levels across all the rooms Visit us at the High End Show in Munich from 18 to 21 May 2017. The MOC in Munich hosts the High End, the well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the Expression Munich High End 2017 A Quick Preview of: Munich High End 2017. We are exhibiting in Room F231e. Let The Music Play. An amazing venue: It was a long road to get here and that is just when the works starts... Getting unloaded Munich High End Show 2017 Report & Comments. Discussion in 'Shows & Events' started by Ed Selley, May 20, 2017. Article; Discussion (9) May 20, 2017 at 4:04 PM. Ed Selley, May 20, 2017 #1. Ed Selley. AVF Reviewer. Joined: Jun 26, 2003 Messages: 11,361 Products Owned: 1 Products Wanted:

munich high-end audio show 2017 complete exhibitor list To date, Europe's largest trade fair for high-quality consumer electronics - the HIGH END 2017 - is home to 527 exhibitors, presenting some 900 brands at the upcoming exhibition Munich High End 2017. May 17, 2017 in digital music by Dan Gravell. I'm stepping outside of my office for a day or two, and heading off to Munich for the High End 2017 exhibition Munich High End 2017 Munich in May. The Munich High End show is, in our opinion the best audio show in Europe for Hi-Fi, there are other big shows but pure audio seems to take a back seat to TV's and even white goods whereas the Munich show is ostensibly audio related Munich High-End Show 2017. Home Cinema Choice July 2017. Each May, the audio industry migrates to Munich to unveil killer new hardware. Ed Selley marvels at everything from a 50in subwoofer to speaker debuts from KEF, DALI, Wharfedale and mor

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Munich High End 2017 admin no comments Maj 25, 2017. Show. Munich High End 2017. Thanks for pictures - Soundrebels, My-Hiend.. The High End Show 2017 in Munich is just around the corner - from 18th to 21th May, we will be exhibiting in A3.1, room D10 Re: Munich High End show 2017 Originally Posted by Priaptor I'm seriously considering their cheap Fine speaker as a replacement for my Nola Concert Grands as I make plans to scale down to a smaller place in Tampa or Amelia Island CES' Venetian hotel-based high-end audio segment is in sharp decline both in terms of exhibitors and attendees. The rumour doing the rounds at Munich 2017 was that only a single floor at The Venetian had been sold for CES 2018 whereas as recently as 2016, up to five floors of audio hardware could be seen/heard Author Topic: HIGH END Munich 2017 Show news (Read 7247 times) AndrewC. Trade Count: Full Member; Posts: 7300; HIGH END Munich 2017 Show news « on: May 18, 2017, 21:12.

Behind the scenes at High End 2017 - Munich - ooh, the glamour.. The Chord Company team setting up our room and exploring the great spaces at High End 2017. They were also supplying demo cables for the rooms of Fujitsu/Eclipse, Innuos, Octave Audio and Sforzato High End Munich. See More? Click HERE for videos from High End Munich. High End Munich. The largest audio show in the world brings us so many new as well as familiar companies every year. There's an increasing amount of uber priced flagship loudspeakers and electronics, but not everything is priced for the one-percenters

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High End in Munich 2017 The High End Show 2017 in Munich is just around the corner - from 18th to 21th May, we will be exhibiting in A3.1, room D108 The 2017 High End Show in Munich is upon us and as always DALI will be attending giving all DALI fans an opportunity to see and listen to the latest DALI loudspeakers Sound Affairs at Munich High End 2017 with PLiXiR balanced Power Conditioners. The internal of the Elite BAC 3000V, World's first Vertical Balanced AC Power Conditioner. Me with Noratel Chief Engineers and our Baby, the Elite BAC 3000V. Thanks! James Sonus faber awaits all the visitors and partners this year at Munich High End 2017 at Hall 3 Booth D111. The Sonus faber exhibition will be hosted inside our German's distributor's Area, Audio Reference Gmbh. We will exhibit Sf16, one of last year's most interesting and discussed Sonus faber products there is a great exibition in munich - the high end 2017 from may 18 to may 21. I'll go there and had the idea of volumio community meeting points. If anyone is interested, my meetinpoint is at may 19. 11am at A4.1 E117. This is the place where the sound engineer of the collybia Team (Mamboberry DAC) Vasilis Tounas is with his company Ideon audio Ideon Audio at Munich High End 2017. April 14, 2019; Posted by IdeonAudio; 17 May Ayazi DAC, the main DAC in Fink Team's Room! Ideon Audio for the first time, participated this year at the High End Show in Munich as co-exhibitors, together with FinkTeam - a company famous.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you for another year, in our Room F204-Atrium 4 at the Munich High End show 2017. Visit us from May 18 to 21 and discover our new flagship model, Enigma mkII . It will be a world wide « premiere » for Enigma mkII, and we hope [ Munich High End 2017: Best Sound Award. October 30, 2019. 432 EVO at XFi Einhoven, Netherlands 2019. More News. Lost in streaming? Welcome to 432 EVO, the ultimate digital source now in reach at real world prices Hi volumio and audiophile friends, there is a great exibition in munich - the high end 2017 from may 18 to may 21. I'll go there and had the idea of volumio community meeting points. If anyone is interested, my meetinpoint is at may 19. 11am at A4.1 E117. This is the place where the sound engineer of the collybia Team (Mamboberry DAC) Vasilis Tounas is with his company Ideon audio. Collybia.

ELAC's Adante AF-61 loudspeakers, Discovery Q music serverMono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine: VITUS AUDIO ROOMMono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine: CESSARO GAMMA EXHigh End 2010 Munich Germany show report - [English]High End 2017 ptThe Hifi Show Scalford 2013 | Hifi PigListening #177: Shindo Monbrison preamplifier
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