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This Mystic Messenger article gives a walkthrough of V's route, which is only available in Another Story, the new mode added in the September 2017 update.Our Mystic Messenger guide now includes. Throughout the events of Mystic Messenger, there are several endings in each character's specific route.Depending on the choices of the player made within the ten days prior to the 11th Day, the player can obtain either a Good Ending, Normal Ending, one of three Bad Story Endings, or one of two Bad Relationship Endings.. When the player reaches the 11th Day, the number of guests who attend the. V, with his real name Jihyun Kim, is the leader of RFA and a good friend of Jumin. He played the role of fiancé to Rika and became mad after her death in the past Mystic Messenger V. V always takes care of his friends and never reveals their secrets to anyone even if it Read more Mystic Messenger V Route Walkthrough Endings 202 Mystic Messenger - Cheritz If there's something wrong with the lyrics, pls tell me, Mystic Messenger - V's Route Ending 'The Compass' (Romanization Lyrics) daff jv. Loading.

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V Route Ending [Spoilers] (self.mysticmessenger) submitted 1 year ago by 00Noir So I just finished up the V route today and I got the normal ending, despite having over 15 guests and answering positively to most of the prompts in the chat Another Story V Route in Mystic Messenger mit dem Normal Ending! Nachdem wir das Good End bekommen habe, müssen wir nur die anderen Emails nicht beantworten. V's Bad Story Ending 3 is after the plot branch on Day 10. On my first try, I reloaded my Day 9 save file after plot branch, and picked options that are really aggressive towards Mint Eye, but I still got the Good/Normal Ending. So I tried again, but this time I reloaded my Day 7 save file

Mystic Messenger - Random Comment and V Route Ending Rant November 5, 2017 by yumemicrystal I skipped a few days before I decided to go get the last bad ending Mystic Messenger: Another Story - V Route Good Ending Guide DAY 7 September 25, 2017 February 7, 2018 ~ fictiotopia Note: For now my guide will only available from the 5th day, since I thought it will be more difficult to get the ending we want from day 5 to 11 Mystic Messenger Email Guide : On our Mystic Messenger Email Guide page you'll discover correct answers to every email, from every visitor. Presently with V and Ray Route answers! To get a typical or good ending in Mystic Messenger, you should invite guests to the RFA's party.You need at least ten affirmed guests for a good ending Mystic Messenger Endings < > Most popular. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All mysme mystic messenger mysticmessenger mm v after ending mysme v mystic messenger v v route mm jihyun mysme jihyun jihyun kim saeyoung choi mysme saeyoung luciel choi 707 my playthrough mysme 707 mysme saeran mystic messenger saeran saeran choi.

V and Ray Route: Answers to Guest Few Tips to Have a Good Party Ending thru Mystic Messenger Emails. Here are some of the tips which you can find helpful in order to have a successful and good party ending. Invite many guests even if you think they are not possibly like by the character you are playing Aug 15, 2017 - Throughout the events of Mystic Messenger, there are several endings in each character's specific route. Depending on the choices of the player made within the ten days prior to the 11th Day, the player can obtain either a Good Ending, Normal Ending, one of three Bad Story Endings, or one of two.. Mystic Messenger Related Pages This is just the answers I chose that got me these ending and I don't know 100% if they are correct or not because there is no way to actually test it without playing the game over and over again and I don Mystic Messenger - V Route (Another Story) -... October 5, 2017. Keep in touch. Facebook.

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  1. Mystic Messenger - V Route (Another Story) Prologue Bad Ending #1 and #2 ☠ WARNING ☠ : THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!If you want to watch the YouTube video guide instead, just..
  2. 【Mystic Messenger】V's Route Ending - The Compass 8bit. 病弱X. 1379播放 · 0弹幕 10:49:47 【临风渣翻】Mystic Messenger Zen线【9.2.
  3. I'll be updating all of 707's walkthrough when I go back to it later to update all the options and hopefully add in the bad ending sections so that you can get CGs (if there are any for the bad endings). Enjoy the ending of his route! ^^ ← Mystic Messenger - 707 Route - Day

Oct 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Mystic Messenger: V ENDINGS, V route tips and walkthroughs (Another Story) V Route. Por el momento. Intentar relacionarte con otro personaje y no interesarte a V resultará en un Bad End genérico, como si no hubieras accionado suficientes chats;. Jumin with his full name Jumin Han is the richest character in Mystic Messenger because he is the son of C&R international company owner. He always out for trips. He loves cats and claims that only cats are loyal to him. It owned a Persian Cats named Elizabeth. 707 call him Elly. He loves his Read more Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Walkthrough Route Good Ending [Updated 2020 Mystic Messenger Guide Fanfiction * -Aiko joined the chatroom- Hello!! This isn't an actual story but more of a walkthrough to multiple endings to Mystic messenger! This will include all the endings (good and bad) of all Mystic Messenger characters as well as email..

Check out my V Chatroom Guide over here! Email guide over here! Today Cheritz updated its app 'Mystic Messenger', and its got some interesting new features. The game has been a on radio silence since the Mystic Messenger April Fools saga. They did recently have a mini event to celebrate their one year anniversary, bu mystic messenger v route mystic messenger translations zen 707 ray jaehee rika jumin yoosung. Translations for the texts and ringtones for V route Another Story II (Normal Ending) Hi there! It's Heather here ♥ I see that oh-so-sweet Seol has answered the questions recently~ From the last post,. Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC - Review & Endings. January 25, 2017 March 6, But I think generally you only need to participate in 60% of chats to get a good ending. Ahh Zen route is my favourite, he's just such a babe~ Like Liked by 1 person. Pingback: Mystic Messenger Valentine's After Endings Review. When you reply with correct answers, there is a chance for joining new guests into the party. Always start with 10 to 15 guests for the Party of RFA for the best ending. We have also the Rau Route, V, and another story mode questions and their correct Answers which helps in invitation guests and your participation in Mystic Messenger Chat rooms

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Route Order: Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee > 707. I'd like to state very short reasons as to why it needs to be played this way. NO SPOILERS!So you can be rest assured. Zen - He is perfect to play first as he is a great introduction to the story without giving away too much. He is very friendly, outgoing and also, he has less personality issues so whether or not you are into the more. [mystic messenger] endings: zen's route ~ Mỗi nhân vật gồm 1 Good Ending, 1 Normal Ending, 3 Bad Story Ending và 2 Bad Relationship Ending. Mình sẽ không viết về After Ending vì nó là mặc định, mình muốn các chế hãy tự khám phá nha

Idiot Plot: Completely averted for the main plot itself, but the beginning of V and Ray's route requires the protagonist to be astronomically stupid in order to kick off the story. After receiving a strange app on her phone, she talks to a complete stranger through the messenger, gives him her address, gets into the car that this stranger sends to her address, puts on a blindfold that the. Jun 30, 2019 - so I played mm another story and it was good. so many feels and a love square with V, Ray(saeran), rika and mc. It's all up to you though but mainly it's all about jihyun obvi. lol BUT! I already achieved the normal and two bad endings. mystic messenger V / jihyun kim. See more ideas about Mystic messenger v, Mystic messenger, Mystic After a very angsty and dire story such as V route, which left every gamer miserable because of Ray tragic end, now, with Ray / Saeran's own route, Cheritz pulls off its masterpiece. In fact this new story, other than being the most highly anticipated event since Mystic Messenger's creation, is probably the best written so far, owning the most balanced mix of romanticism, drama and action How Mystic-Messenger works . The game takes over 12 days; during these days, you react to different messages with different characters. The first four days are the same, but the game splits into several routes with each route going after a love interest Nov 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by mystic troll. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Read Yoosung Ending Guide from the story Mystic Messenger Guide by blueberry_yuchi (Yuchika Suzuya) with 269 reads. saeran, jumin, messenger. Yoosung Normal.. [mystic messenger] endings: yoosung's route ~ Mỗi nhân vật gồm 1 Good Ending, 1 Normal Ending, 3 Bad Story Ending và 2 Bad Relationship Ending. Mình sẽ không viết về After Ending vì nó là mặc định, mình muốn các chế hãy tự khám phá nha As for ships, I don't ship much in Mystic Messenger. I mostly just ship the RFA, V, and Saeran with MC, but I admit I do also like the crack ship Tom x Echo Girl (EchoTom), and I ship Jumin x V (Vumin) and Yoosung x 707 (YooSeven) a bit. ovo If you're really bored though, I have a favorite above where I gave my opinions on all (or most :P) of the MysMe ships Mystic Messenger Emails An important element to be able to achieve the party is answering emails. By answering a series of emails, you'll be able to invite guests to come to the fundraiser at the end of the game — the more guests that you manage to invite, the higher the chances are for a good ending

We additionally strongly advocate consulting the Mystic Messenger all solutions e-mail information, as you'll want a number of RSVPs for V's good ending. How to get V route - Day 1. Day 1 - 00:0 For those familiar with Mystic Messenger, V's Route is probably the most dramatic and heartbreaking. He does still fall for your character in the Good and Normal endings, but it's more focused on his, Rika's, and Ray's (aka Unknown, aka Saeran) story Sep 11, 2017 - mystic messenger normal ending: jihyun kim / V route I played Seven's Route and got the good ending (he's the second route I played since he's my favorite and I didn't had the patience to play all the other routes first ^^'). But in the After Endings I only unlocked Secret 01.. also I couldn't unlock the first Episode of Secret 01 (but it worked out fine with the other episodes..)

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We bring you a guide to answer correctly all Mystic Messenger emailseval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'crgsoft_com-box-3','ezslot_2',104,'0','0'])); To get a normal or good ending in Mystic Messenger, you must invite the guests to the RFA party accordingly. 2: .I think he's slowly breaking away from your boundaries and opening his eyes to the truth. 9: But I like you just the way you are Mystic Messenger (수상한메신저?, Susanghan mesinjeo LR; lett.Messanger sospetto) è un videogioco per dispositivi mobile di genere visual novel, sviluppato in Corea del Sud da Cheritz e rilasciato il giorno 8 luglio 2016 per Android e il 18 agosto 2016 per iOS.Il gioco è disponibile in quattro lingue: coreano, inglese, cinese e spagnolo. Nel 2017, Mystic Messenger ha vinto il premio. Han route GOOD ENDING - Mystic Messenger [VOICE ACTING INCLUDED] - Duration: 26:50 ; This Mystic Messenger guide page takes you through the Prologue, Day 1, Day 2, Day and Day 4 to make sure you end up on the Zen route at the end of the common days in Casual History mode. We have not listed all the possible Mystic Messenger chat here; There are.

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  1. 's route. This web page assumes you will have already locked into Ju
  2. g, but for now we're able to offer some detailed tips on making your way through Another Story and unlocking some of its endings
  3. or 707. Try to pick the answer that they would likely favor. This is especially important on day 5- day 10. Also if for some reason you don't get good end you always try again. Keep tabs how many hearts you get while in the messenger or the floating heart's
  4. Yes, it's another V Mystic Messenger post, I've just been so excited about this route. As mentioned in my release post, V's route contains 11 days of gameplay, 7 different endings, V voice calls and, most importantly, CUTE NEW STICKERS! Fans were initially concerned about V's release thinking that they may have to play as Rika
  5. Author Noire Posted on September 15, 2017 September 27, 2017 Categories Mystic Messenger Tags @bpmonster, @cleaningfairy, @infodeptleader, email, email walkhrough, email walkthrough, guide, jihyun kim route guide, messenger, mm, mystic, Mystic Messenger, mystic messenger guide, mystic messenger v route walkthrough, otome game, party guests, v.
  6. Mystic Messenger. 332 likes. Just For Fun. Jump to. Sections of this page. Promise AKA The Mystic Messenger Ray Route Fan Anime. Just For Fun. Bad Ending Cosplay. Artist. Mystic Messenger Yoosung. Fictional Character. Jihyun 'V' Kim. Writer. Yoosung - Mystic Messenger. Public Figure. 707
  7. High quality Mystic Messenger gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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Our Mystic Messenger guide now features a full V Route walkthrough making certain you possibly can obtain the Normal and Good Ends with the minimal of fuss. The V route kicks off on Day 5, so that you'll have to have adopted our directions on how to get on V's route in Mystic Messenger's Another Story mode After a long wait, Cheritz finally delivered the new route; Another Story is here! After delaying the new route, Mystic Messenger finally unveils their new story this month. Many fans are happy that they can finally save Jihyun Kim or most popularly known as V from his canonical end. If you have played all the stories and have read the secret endings, then you are aware that this. Mystic Messenger V Route Good Ending Walkthrough ~Day 5 to 10~ 9/24/2017 01:36:00 AM by Jin ♡ 3 Comments A + a - To get good ending, please follow the following tips

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Mystic Messenger: Another Story Walkthrough September 8, 2017 September 10, 2017 Akari Leave a comment ***I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLAYING THE DEEP ROUTE and the SECRET ENDINGS FIRST BEFORE PLAYING THE ANOTHER STORY/ V'S ROUTE** Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art

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  1. Mystic Messenger V Route Timetable (Normal/ Good Ending) 9/10/2017 12:26:00 AM by Jin ♡ 0 Comments A + a - I've finished the normal ending to let you guys know what are the times for the entire route (except day 1 because I started my day 1 in the evening)
  2. Han Saeran Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Anime Love Couple Handsome Anim
  3. As someone else has said: Zen. Purely cause he has the least issues. See wit Mystic Messenger your MC is working to fix the person who's route your on's life /personality. You first have to talk and sympathise and help them in various ways befor..
  4. ju
  5. [Game] Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC - Christmas Day: Unknown Route (Bad Ending) CHRISTMAS DAY **Warning** There is a major spoiler in this route if you haven't finished the main story, or Seven's route. NOTE: Dialogue options are copied as they are in the game, spelling and grammatical mistakes included
  6. A 707 Mystic Messenger walkthrough to ensure you get the Good End - and unlock the further mysteries and secrets of this many-layered story. This Mystic Messenger guide page provides details on how to successfully complete 707's route
  7. route Mystic Messenger walkthrough to ensure you get the Good End of your dreams with Mr Silver Spoon himself. This Mystic Messenger guide page provides everything you need to complete Ju

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  1. So there is a common story bad ending that you can get on day 5; you know you have this ending if you check to see who's route you got, and nobody's face appears in a day slot. Hopefully that makes sense^^;; And it all starts from Zen kinda starting it off with his Weird Dream and there's SO MUCH theories I have come up with, when it comes to that one chatroom, but that's for another chapter
  2. Feb 20, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Vannue. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
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  4. route walkthrough and endings guide All Feeds. Below is the Forum Post: Mystic Messenger Ju
  5. Zen's Route & Good Ending in Mystic Messenger. With Zen, dialogue options that boost his ego will help because he's generally a pretty narcissistic guy. For the first few days,.

Mystic Messenger email guide - all correct answers for every guest Now with V and Ray Route (Another Story) answers! To get a normal or good ending in Mystic Messenger, you must invite guests to the RFA's. Mystic Messenger (Good Ending on 707's Route) Aku dapat bad ending di route seven, di hari ke-9 , jadi disitu ceritanya aku kabur ama seven ninggalin RFA, Dduh sumpah nyesek banget sudah hari ke 9 gak dapet happy ending. Balas Hapus. Balasan. Balas Well, basically I haven't play Another Story yet (still try to get it), but as I read forums and comments of the community from the Amino and Facebook, the summary will be like this: 1. Ray has 2 personality: himself and Unknown. Ray will be the d.. To get the prologue's Bad Ending, repeatedly lie about not seeing a place to input a password.Eventually, you'll only be given one option for an answer and enter visual novel mode. To get the common route's Bad Ending in Casual Story, either aim for Jumin or Seven's affection (since you can only romance them in Deep Story) or spread your affection equally and choose answers that do not.

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Mystic Messenger Christmas Chat Times for Unknown's Ending To get Unknown's ending, you'll need to respond with the following answers when he texts you on Christmas day: 12:01 a.m. Interface Screw: In V's route, Ray hacks into the messenger and takes over once you get past the 7th Day. There are cracks all over the screen and the chat rooms sometimes glitch. It's a Wonderful Failure : Sometimes when the routes branch off, the bad endings can take as much as seven hours to take place Mystic Messenger Email Guide 2020. The player can get the access to the guests via the characters they interact and communicate during the game play. The player can chose the guests of his own choice but usually it is required to have 20 guests to have a great party and great ending for every mystic messenger email route the player takes in the. Mystic Messenger: V Route Another Story Normal Ending, Ray Route Another Story Happy Ending, Jumin Route Day 7 Bad Ending Game Review V Route Another Story Normal Ending Developer: Cheritz Story Plot: It's been only 6 months when Rika, V fiancée died Mystic Messenger - V Route Confession (Part 2) Well. Considering how many of you seem to be in equal panic mode, I figured I'd post another neurotic rambling and enjoy not feeling so insane (none of..

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Ray Route - The 3-Minute Rule for Mystic Messenger Perhaps the only drawback of V's route is that I felt it was a little long. It's eleven days of video gameplay, and there are visual novelization and a phone call and/or multiple messages after each chat room The opening theme for V's route in Mystic Messenger, coming out in September 2017. Mystic Messenger belongs to Cheritz Co., Ltd. Please support them by playing their wonderful otome games. Video here Hey, this is my first time playing Mystic Messenger and I wanted to go for Seven, but I read something online saying I shouldn't if it's my first time? Is this true? hey, welcome! the reason it's recommended that you shouldn't play seven's route first is because his route has a lot of spoilers. but it's really up to you; if you don't mind spoilers, feel free to play any route you.

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