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The Yamato-class battleships (大和型戦艦, Yamato-gata senkan) were two battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), Yamato and Musashi, laid down leading up to World War II and completed as designed.A third hull laid down in 1940 was converted to an aircraft carrier, Shinano, during construction.. Displacing 72,000 long tons (73,000 t) at full load, the completed battleships were the. The battleship Yamato, at 72,800 tonnes with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) main guns, was (with her sister ship Musashi, sunk in October 1944) the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleship ever constructed The IJN Yamato hit the USS Gambier Bay, an escort Carrier, with her main battery of 18″ guns during the Battle off Samar. The Gambier Bay was eventually lost in that battle due to damage sustained, so I suppose that's at least a partial kill for t..

The captain and many of the bridge crew tied themselves to their stations and went down with their ship, while the rest attempted to escape. At 14:23, it happened. Yamato 's forward internal. As waves of kamikazes took to the sky to defend the island, Yamato was ordered to sea on a mission to emulate the suicide planes and take out as many American ships as possible. -read more- Of the just over 3,000 men aboard the Yamato on the morning of April 7, 1945, fewer than 300 were alive at day's end On April 7, 1945, the Japanese battleship Yamato, ostensibly the greatest battleship in the world, is sunk in Japan's first major counteroffensive in the struggle for Okinawa.. Weighing 72,800. Ship History Built by Kure Naval Arsenal at Kure. Laid down November 4, 1937 as Battleship No. 1 the leading ship of the Yamato Class Battleship. Launched August 8, 1940. On August 12, 1940 departs Kure for sea trials. On September 5, 1941 begins fitting out with Captain Shutoku Miyazato assigned as chief equipping officer But a ghost of the giant ships lives on. And you've seen its legacy, though you probably don't know it. The mastery of metal. Musashi and Yamato carried the largest guns ever placed on a ship.

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  1. This Tiny U.S. Navy Warship Sank the Most Submarines in History. For almost 73 years, the USS England has set a record for most subs sunk by a single ship. That record remains unbroken
  2. if we to back on topic- id say that its impossible to say how many fritz x bombs would take out Yamato. i mean if we look at the Yamato & Musashi Musashi was sunk by 17 bombs & 20 torpedos. Yamato was sunk by just 8 bombs & (atleast) 13 torpedos
  3. Construction commenced on March 29, 1938 and was completed on August 5, 1942, when Musashi was put in service with Arima Kaoru as captain.That same day she joined her twin, Yamato, along with Nagato and Mutsu in the 1st Division of Battleships. The Imperial Hope. Like Yamato, Musashi was designed to fight against several ships simultaneously. The IJN's intention was to create a fleet of.
  4. In the 1980s, shipwreck hunters found the Yamato 180 miles (290 kilometers) southwest of Kyushu, one of the main islands of Japan. The ship was split in two and was found resting at a depth of.
  5. One. In the Battle of the Denmark Strait (May 24, 1941), the British battleship HMS Hood was hit at long range by a salvo from Bismarck, exploded, and sank, leaving only three survivors. It is.
  6. Sinking of Yamato (April 7, 1945) With the battle for Okinawa raging full force, it was decided to send super battleship Yamato on a suicide mission to the island. Ostensibly, her sortie was designed to draw off American air power in order to allow a massive suicide strike (kikusui) by land-based aircraft from Japan to hit the American invasion forces ringing the island
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The Musashi was sunk by U.S. carrier aircraft in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October, 1944. The Yamato--after seeing action at Midway, the Solomon Islands, Truk and other battles--was kept mostly. An hour later, the ships turned south, headed toward Okinawa at 20 knots. Captain Tameichi Hara told the crew of Yahagi, Our mission appears suicidal and it is, but suicide is not the objective. The objective is victory. Once this ship is crippled or sunk, do not hesitate to save yourselves for the next fight. We can commit suicide at any time

In addition, the main armament of Yamato-class was given as nine 16-inch (41 cm) guns as late as July 1945, four months after Yamato was sunk. [27] [28] [Note that the assumed beam, displacement and armament are virtually identical to the U.S. Navy's own Iowa -class battleships.] [ citation needed ] Both Jane's Fighting Ships and the Western media also misreported the specifications of the ships I have left out ships sunk in port on purpose, as these were often not at battle stations when hit, which effects damage control in a huge way. I'd also add that while bombs carried by strike aircraft generally did not pose much danger to the sinking of a battleship, they could effect damage control both the parties conducting it and the mechanical issue of damage control As for Yamato and Musashi, the design for these ships had been finalized in 1937, after a protracted and detailed examination of twenty-four very different and modern design proposals. Yamato was laid down in November 1937 and was commissioned into service on December 16, 1941, just days after Japanese carrier-based planes had successfully attacked both Pearl Harbor and Z Force The ship's engines had a total of 150,000 horsepower, which allowed it to achieve a maximum speed of 27.5 knots (50.86 km/h). Even Emperor Hirohito himself visited the Musashi once. The ship had a crew of around 2,400 men. The Americans sank the ship on this day, using aircraft from as many as five carriers For information on the various series, movies, and other media in which vessels named Yamato appear, see Space Battleship Yamato.. Yamato is a ship name shared by multiple space and naval craft: . 20th Century. IJN Yamato, an Imperial Japanese Navy battleship sunk in the East China Sea late in the Second World War.; 22nd and 23rd Centuries. Yamato is a highly advanced space battleship.

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Yamato (大和?), named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, was the lead ship of the Yamato class of battleships that served with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) main guns Built in secrecy in the 1930s, the Yamato and its sister ship, the Musashi, saw action in the Pacific war, but were hindered by their lack of speed from serving as escorts for carrier forces

The IJN Yamato was the lead ship in the class, while the IJN Musashi was the second ship in the class. Both ships were massive and had a displacement of 72,000 long tons (73,000 tons) and were nearly 863 feet (263 meters) long. Despite their formidable power, both of the Yamato Class battleships were sunk during World War II With an overall length of 823 feet (251 meters), over 2,000 Nazi sailors, a main battery of 8 15-inch guns in 4 twin turrets and enough space to carry four planes, the ship was hard to miss So I just got a Tamiya Yamato model and it came with an information book that shows the stats of the ship like displacement, speed, length, crew, armament, ect. I noticed that the book said that the battleship's main guns are 45 caliber which confused me as I thought that the caliber of a gun was the diameter of the barrel There was a third Yamato class battleship built, the Shinano, but it was converted into an aircraft carrier. The Shinano could carry forty-seven planes. The vessels were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed (Website 2). All three of these ships were sunk: Musashi and Shinano in fall 1944, and Yamato in spring 1945

Unfortunately for Yamato and its crew, it was obsolete by the time it was launched in 1941.The ability of fast aircraft carriers to engage enemy ships at the range of their embarked dive and torpedo bombers meant a carrier could attack a battleship at ranges of two hundred miles or more, long before it entered the range of a battleship's guns Fujin - 131 ships sunk Arizona - 114 ships sunk Kami R - 107 Scharn - 278 Musashi -151 Tirpitz - 227 Bismarck - 112 This doesn't count old versions of ships. Also, counting old versions - have to consider of 6511 kills, they are divided by 202 ships so most are under 100, especially as tier shifts happen part way through

Though it was known where the Yamato sank, sonar could not find it initially, so thes reports were vital in helping to pin-point the ship. 1984 Several attempts were made to locate the ship, in 1983, a research group piled on about half a dozen Battleship Yamato survivors and went looking for the wreck Background History Edit. The IJN Yamato (大和, Great Harmony) was a Yamato-class battleship, and the lead ship of her class as well as the soul of the Imperial Japanese Navy.She was laid down in 1937 and commissioned in 1941, weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack.Throughout 1942, she served as the flagship for the combined fleet and the captain of the Yamato later commanded the Battle of.

The Tirpitz. Winston Churchill referred to it as The Beast, a formidable, 53,000 tonne battleship that was arguably the most potent symbol of Hitler's nava.. I would say the sinking of the IJN battleship Yamato during the Operation Ten-Go should be condemned. As the Yamato is the prestigious and largest warship in WW2, the US Navy should NOT sink her but the Yahagi and all escorting IJN DDs. They should capture or ignore her rather than sinking her du.. Well I mean, it was war and it was 70 years ago and they were on the other side and the Japanese committed all sorts of atrocities. Not saying empathy for the common soldier/sailor isn't possible, but it's not surprising to see some indifference. And for all intents and purposes, the Yamato.. The Iowa-class and Yamato-class battleships were the ultimate development of the battleship for the United States and the Empire of Japan. The Iowa-class ships were smaller but well balanced at 52,000 tons with a heavy battery of nine 16-inch guns. The Yamato-class vessels were huge at 72,000 tons and carried nine 18-inch guns

Yamato fires its wave motion gun.. The addition of wave motion energy elevates it beyond almost all other adversaries. Until late 2199 and again from the end of 2202, the ship is equipped with a wave motion gun built into its bow. A single blast of the gun can vaporize targets as big as continents (Escape from the Jupiter Sphere, Wish Upon a Star) At 16:00 on 6 April, Yamato, with Admiral Itō on board, the light cruiser Yahagi and eight destroyers departed Tokuyama to begin the mission. Two American submarines, Threadfin and Hackleback, sighted the Japanese force as it proceeded south through the Bungo Channel.Although they were unable to attack (due to the ships' speed), they did spend several hours shadowing the Japanese sortie and. To buck up morale, many captains of capital ships received a accelerated promotion to rear admiral in 1944. Thus, it's possible Aruga was selected, but not yet promoted. In keeping with Japanese practice of posthumous promotion for death in battle, he was promoted to vice admiral after Yamato was sunk, that much is fact It took my friend 572 battle to get to Yamato. He did have premium for about 20% of those battles. Couldn't say how many battles it took me to get to tier 10, my battles count is misleading because I tend to regularly return to lower tier ships I enjoyed

The Musashi was the second of Japan's Yamato-class battleships. Alongside the Yamato, it was the largest battleship constructed with a full displacement over 70,000 tons. As a battleship of Titanic proportions, the Musashi had an extensive armament and could defeat any other alternative battleship. The Musashi was constructed during.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The ship started its ascent to the surface on March 22. At 72,000 tons fully loaded, Yamato was one of the two biggest battleships in the world (the Yamato's sister ship Musashi had been sunk at the Battle of Leyte Gulf) I used to see it as a failure, but it really did accomplish the goal of preventing the horrific trench warfare of WW1 being repeated. But, military tech had rendered it ineffective for national security. Armies were far too mobile by that time. Although, I can only imagine the reasoning behind building Yamato was purely due to war profiteering

I heard there were 3 ships in the Yamato class but I can't find any information about it. and did not carry a single aircraft. She was sunk en route, 10 days after commissioning, on 29 November 1944, by four torpedoes from the U.S. Navy submarine Archerfish Every year as December 7 approaches we hear and read that eight battleships were sunk at Pearl Harbor. That is even repeated in a 2001 article by HNN staff </a> on the HNN website debunking movie. BRITISH SHIPS LOST & DAMAGED. 1st May - 12th June 1982. Frigate HMS Ardent, lost 21st May 1982: on to 53 HMS Fearless - sunk in Choiseul Sound by bomb from A-4B Skyhawk of Grupo 5. Saturday 12th June. HMS.

Many of Yamato's 3,000 seamen probably realise their war is lost. sits there passionless in his chair as one by one the ships of his fleet are sunk around him; until at last, Yamato,. Despite counterflooding, the ship continued to list, and once it reached thirty five degrees the order was given to abandon ship. The captain and many of the bridge crew tied themselves to their stations and went down with their ship, while the rest attempted to escape. At 14:23, it happened The Bismarck sunk only one ship. The Hood. The Hood was sailing with the Prince of Whales ship which retreated after the Hood was sunk. The Bismarck set sail on May 19, 1941. British Biplanes hit. The ships are just but a few of the millions of shipwrecks that lie on the seabed. Parts of the oceans are known to deadly navigational channels and hundreds of ships have sunk in these channels. The Graveyard of the Atlantic lies off the coast of North Carolina. It is estimated that 5,000 ships have sank at the spot Oft-repeated questions about the famous Japanese Yamato class battleships include: What did the U.S. know about these ships and when did they know it?. According to some distinguished authors, nothing concrete was known about their characteristics until after the Occupation of Japan and the subsequent capture of their construction records

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Many ships sank and many After Japan lost most of its submarines she was reclassified as a transport ship. Sunk by at least one bomb from an Essex aircraft she (60ft), this ship's most interesting feature is in hold #5. On their way to be delivered to the battleships Yamato and Mushashi were Armor piercing shells 45cm. As the KMS Bismarck was to the Atlantic Theater so too was the IJN Yamato to the Pacific Theater. Undoubtedly the most powerful battleship ever built, the Yamato was a mammoth ship design bristling with cannon and machine gun power backed up by armor that reached close to 20 inches in spots

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How many ships did the U-boats sink? During the war the U-boats sank about 2,779 ships for a total of 14.1 million tons GRT. This figure is roughly 70% of all allied shipping losses in all theatres of the war and to all hostile action. The most successful year was 1942 when over 6 million tons of shipping were sunk in the Atlantic Of the five Yamato ships planned, just three ultimately received names - lead ship Yamato herself and sisters Musashi and Shinano. The final two were cancelled, the first in 1942 as it lay about 30% complete and, the second, as it was still in the planning stages YAMATO ships 3, 000 tons of seawater and takes on a five-degree list to port. Damage Control counterfloods and reduces the list to one degree. YAMATO is down by the bow and maintains a 2-ft, 8-in. bow trim. Force A continues on course through the Sibuyan Sea. During the day, the Force endures raids by over 250 U.S. carrier aircraft The Yamato was some way behind his cruisers and visibility was poor. He wasn't aware of the damage to three of his cruisers, and had lost sight of the carriers. At 9.11, believing that he had won a major victory over a squadron of fleet carriers, Kurita ordered his surviving ships to withdraw from the battle Hisotircally, Yamato did very poor in this sort of attack. Granted other elements were involved, but she was pressed by destroyers at Samar and as far as I know she did not hit any of them with any of her armaments. There is a debate that she hit anything with some circumstnatial evidence she hit a CVE with one 18.1 shell

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Yamato var sammen med sit søsterskib, IJN Musashi de tungeste slagskibe, der er blevet bygget. De var også de tungest bevæbnede skibe, der er blevet søsat. Byggeriet af Yamato startede i 1937 på det japanske skibsvæft Kure Naval docyard, og søsat d. 8. august 1940.Hun indgik i den kejserlige japanske flåde i 1941 og var flagskib for admiral Isoroku Yamamoto The Bismarck, probably Germany's most famous battleship in World War Two, was sunk on May 27th 1941.The Bismarck had already sunk HMS Hood before being sunk herself. For many, the end of the Hood and Bismarck symbolised the end of the time when battleships were the dominant force in naval warfare, to be replaced by submarines and aircraft carriers and the advantages these ships gave to naval. Yamato (ヤマト, Yamato), also known as Tenzō (テンゾウ, Tenzō), are both code names for this Anbu-turned-jōnin of Konohagakure. As his Wood Release would allow him to be able to keep the Nine-Tails sealed within Naruto Uzumaki in check, he was re-assigned from Anbu to the regular forces, joining Team Kakashi as a temporary replacement for their jōnin-sensei, Kakashi Hatake. While. If Yamato did shoot down 10 planes (I don't think she did, I thought it was more like 5 or 6 and most of those ran out of fuel and fell into the ocean). Then Iowa would certainly shoot down maybe 20, If they had been unarmored ships, they would have rapidly sunk,. Not many - if any - similar cases in naval history, when defenceless passenger ship sunk Navy battleship, and went away with it. Apr 1 UPDATE: I've been correct in my assumption, that the decision to flee was justified, or so it seems, judging from updates published by local sources

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Many fans of CSINY ship Mac/Stella, but it was sunk when Melina Kanakaredes did not return for season 7. Naomi and Cook's bantering in Skins developed into an Odd Friendship , but some Nookie shippers (mainly those on the Everyone Is Bi horse) saw plenty of UST there, despite the fact that Naomi's Single-Target Sexuality is firmly pointed in Emily's direction N 7] Because many of the ship's crew who did not go down with the vessel were killed by strafing aircraft as they swam in the oily water, the details are uncertain, but authors Garzke and Dulin record that little damage was caused. [44] Shortly afterward, up to three more torpedoes struck Yamato Its twin ship, the Yamato, was damaged in the fighting, according to the US Navy, and American warships finally sank it several months later as it tried to get to Okinawa. The Musashi Constructed.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's team of researchers found at the undersea wreck of WWII's biggest battleship after an eight-year search. See it here As many as eight U.S. aircraft carriers were engaged, which sent almost 400 aircrafts at Yamato. After being hit with at least nine torpedoes and 17 bombs, the ship slowed down and became an easy target for the planes. They continued to hit her until she started to sink. The main commander aboard - Admiral Ito - ordered evacuation Yamato is the Supreme Flagship of the Fleet of Fog, and one of the two Super Battleships of the Fog. In the anime, she met a human, Shouzou Chihaya, who wanted the Humans and the Fog to live in peace which each other. Like her sister, Yamato also refers to Shouzou as Father. Yamato is the.. Yamato Museum. The battleship Yamato, despite its limited military success, was a national symbol of Japanese military might throughout WWII from the date of its commissioning on December 16, 1941, soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor.She served as flagship of the Combined Fleet for about one year from February 1942, including during the Battle of Midway in June 1942

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Off Okinawa, high speed minesweeper Emmons (DMS-22), irreparably damaged by five kamikazes the previous day, is scuttled by high speed minesweeper Ellyson (DMS-19); tank landing ship LST-447 sinks as the result of damage inflicted by kamikaze the previous day, 26°09'N, 127°18'E. Motor gunboat PGM-18 is sunk by mine, 26°13'N, 127°55'E; while picking up PGM-18's survivors, motor minesweeper. Over this eight year period, some 3,000 men did duty on the stranded Suez ships. For some, the experience in the canal was one of the most memorable. But what was remarkable was the strong community these crews forged, even though they came from countries on opposing sides of the Cold War, British writer Cath Senker told Express 47 Ships Sunk by Kamikaze Aircraft by Bill Gordon. Sources differ regarding the number of ships sunk by kamikaze aircraft during World War II. Inoguchi (1958, 211-34) lists the names of 34 ships sunk by kamikaze attacks, and Warner (1982, 323-34) gives the names of 57 ships sunk by special attack aircraft

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I think this is a no-brainer - the Montana class ships, had they been built, would have commissioned in 1945 and 1946. Thanks to advances in US radar-directed fire control, which by the end of the war enabled the Americans to fire accurately from beyond the visual horizon, Yamato wouldn't have stood much of a chance Cruise-ships.com is all about cruise ships and the people who love them. It's the best place to find information about a specific cruise ship, your favorite cruise line's fleet, or even what happened to your favorite cruise ship from the past The list of Kriegsmarine ships includes all ships commissioned into the Kriegsmarine, the navy of Nazi Germany, during its existence from 1935 to the conclusion of World War II in 1945.. See the list of naval ships of Germany for ships in German service throughout the country's history In the next scene, Bassanio reads a letter from Antonio indicating that he has lost several other ships at sea. After Bassanio reads the letter, he asks Salerio if all of Antonio's ships have wrecked

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The 16 inch American guns were longer and more accurate than Yamato's 18 inchers. Iowa had a deeper draft that kept the ship steadier while guns were firing. Turning circle was tighter in the Iowa, faster and tighter turning ! None of the 4 Iowa Class ever encountered the Yamato or her sister ship, so we will never know He and a division of ships arrived at 14:30 in time to see only the large ships still afloat. He had radioed ahead to order all available craft to prevent the German ships sinking or beach them. The last German ship to sink was the battlecruiser Hindenburg at 17:00, by which time 15 capital ships were sunk, and only Baden survived Editor's note: Yamato and her sister ship, Musashi were the biggest battleships ever built (the third hull, Shinano, was converted to an aircraft carrier while still under construction but was sunk on her maiden cruise. *) The battleships displaced 72,000 tons with 18.1-inch guns. The Dutch government had tasked them to assess the condition of two particular Dutch vessels, the Hr. Ms. Java and Hr. Ms. De Ruyter, both sunk in 1942 during the Battle of the Java Sea, not far. The grid is being filled in as the ships are found in various books. One that is interesting is The End of the Imperial Japanese Navy by Masanori Ito. It is from the Japanese perspective, in which, Four enemy cruisers were sunk means that American ships were lost. Last updated on October 14, 2001 Contact u

Also ships sunk or damaged by several subs or combinations of submarine and aircraft or ship are not reported by JANAC. Likewise if a ship was less than 500 tons burden it wasn't included in the JANAC total. Many times a ship was torpedoed and the crew ran it up on a beach. It didn't sink but you can still see the hulks today Wrong! -- this movie is _very_ good, hits you in the heart early on and never lets go. The battleship Yamato is the backdrop--what the film focuses on is the 17-18 year-old group of young sailors who did the dirty work on board the ship. Their interpersonal relationships, their girlfriends back home, their mothers--it is heart-rending Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates SS Appomattox: 2 November 1905 The wooden steamship went aground in smoke and fog on the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan, near Milwaukee in 1905. Crews worked for two weeks in an effort to free the ship, but eventually it broke up, and was abandoned as a total constructive loss

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